When I started my business, a friend introduced me to Jen Sincero’s inspirational-but-not-in-a-corny-way books. I’m always down for a little self-help (especially when there is cursing involved!) and her whole thing is about being a “badass.” I read all her books and loved her approach, her attitude and her wisdom.

Not long after getting back into riding and eventing, I started looking around at shows and realized around 90% of the competitors are women. And they are doing seriously dangerous shit! They’re showing up with incredible skill and courage to take risks most sane people wouldn’t.

I don’t think of myself as a risk-taking person. But I don’t let fear stop me from doing things (most reasonable people choose golf over the sport of eventing in their mid-40s!).

And I’m not special. So many riders are just like this. We may feel like we’re going to barf at the start gate but we DO NOT give up. We don’t give into our fear. Somehow we get out there and do it. Over and over again.

Getting over your fear, doing something even when you’re scared, is truly badass. It’s not the absence of fear but the acknowledgment of it. It’s respect for the risk of the sport and, ultimately, for riding through it. Trusting yourself and your horse to safely and successfully navigate the course takes guts.

Here’s the thing: Equestrians are athletes. Period. And we’re athletes that have to face down real fear. Because whether you’re just hopping on a trail horse or getting on your eventing horse to tackle a training level course, it’s f*cking risky! In my book, that makes us cooler than LeBron James.

No matter how you participate in the sport, it takes courage to saddle up a 1200 pound animal. That courage is what inspired The Badass Collection.

So if you’re feeling a little worn out, a little uninspired — and even if you’re feeling your absolute best — remember the wise words of Jen Sincero: You Are A Badass.