I was 12 years old when I encountered the power of horses and their ability to transform our lives. At a time when I was struggling with severe anxiety and panic attacks and nothing else could reach me, my horse did…and I’m not alone. There are countless people who have been transformed by their experiences with horses and it is undeniable the powerful lessons we can learn through horsemanship. Patience, flexibility, perseverance, responsibility, balance and confidence are just a few.

MARE is a celebration of the horse in our modern lives and a destination for well designed, thoughtfully curated, witty, bold and modern products that reflect our love of, commitment to and respect for horses.  Whether you are a rider or simply a lover of horses, MARE products are a way to show the world your love and respect for these incredible animals. We celebrate the many ways these animals can transform our human lives by sharing powerful stories of the human-horse connection and we live this value by giving back to our community through our support of philanthropic organizations that help abused and neglected horses.

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