I love to ride, but riding can be scary sometimes. I love all the horses I’ve been able to ride but Truman makes me feel brave. I think he likes me; he lets me make mistakes.  I think the biggest thing I feel when I ride is brave.  When I hack alone with him my mind gets slow, sometimes my mind is fast!  It’s good to think slow, especially right before the sun goes down, that’s my favorite time to ride.

Truman is kind, he is such a good good good boy. I can’t believe he’s mine!  He’s also so handsome, he knows he’s handsome. He’s like, “look at me! I’m so handsome!” My mom says he wants to find the right answers, Truman is a unicorn.

I love to ride Truman bareback!  He’s very bouncy, I didn’t think I’d ever get good at sitting his trot but everyone says I’m awesome so that’s good! We practice a lot, sometimes I’m just too tired to put his saddle on so we ride bareback. I love to be with Truman, he’s my best friend.  My mom and I prayed him here and I love him very much.

There is no such thing as a bad horse, there are a lot of horses that haven’t been listened to very good, that makes me sad. I’ve learned with Miss Marny (groundwork trainer) that horses are the world’s best communicators. That means they are always talking to us, we just have to pay attention. The smallest movements are them talking, sometimes they talk loud but horses mostly talk quiet, when we don’t listen they have to talk loud. A loud horse is a stressed, scared, frustrated horse. I wish people would listen better to their horses, it really does make things so much easier and safer. Horses are AMAZING!

I haven’t had Truman very long, I am most excited to take him in the mountains soon and I’d like to go swimming with him.  Truman’s favorite treat is bananas and I wish I could put him in my pool but I don’t think he could get out.