I have been professionally training horses for the last 19 years and specialize in police horse training and the transformation of rescued horses. I developed a program where rescued horses who were once slated for slaughter are rehabilitated and trained to be police horses who are community ambassadors of the ultimate rescue transformation.

Recently I started Superhero Rescue Horses, a platform to highlight rescued horses in therapy and service careers. In transforming these rescued horses, the greatest gifts have been life lessons in leadership, confidence, kindness, and self awareness. To believe in a person allows them to believe in themselves, and to believe in a horse, holds that very same power. I like to consider myself a cheerleader for each horse and have made confidence building the foundation of my horse training program. The compassionate treatment of human beings and horses are closely paralleled. I see the potential in a being that most would consider unworthy of their effort. In horses and in people, it is the size of their heart which determines how far they will go, regardless of their physical or mental characteristics. The greatest accomplishments in my riding career are not the numerous blue ribbons and trophies. Proving the value of a life is a big part of my purpose and it continues to light the way. After the transformation, will others then believe, open their hearts with more acceptance and love? With curiosity? Will they develop relentless dedication to solve the puzzle so there can be harmony in the partnership? I hope to inspire it to be so.

My competition experience is in western dressage, dressage, side saddle, cowboy mounted shooting, jumpers, hunters, and western trail. I specialize in classical in hand dressage work, mounted police instruction, obstacle training, positive reinforcement, and liberty, bridleless, and groundwork. I am a nationally recognized mounted police instructor who clinics all over the east coast and taught approximately 50 different agencies in 2023 through various training events. I am on the board of two horse rescues and consult in training matters, as well as a board member for the North American Police Equestrian Council. I have been a mounted police officer for 10 years. I hold a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice-Police Administration from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, is a Level 3 Harmony Horsemanship Certified Instructor, a Level 1 practitioner of Equine Facilitated Learning modalities: Natural Lifemanship with a Trauma Focus and Equine Experiential Education.

When you have big goals and big dreams, it is important to reflect on how far you have come and acknowledge the everyday challenges and opportunities for growth which are shaping you down the path towards your vision. These setbacks, challenges, and resistance do more to prepare and propel you towards your dream than the apparent positives do. Be thankful for this time, as painful as it may be, as it is not only a gift but instrumental to your journey.

I’ve pondered why I am on this quest to find a better, less resistant way with the horses, why I am so drawn to and emotionally invested in rescue and proving that what has been thrown away is precious and is valuable. As a young girl, I loved animals and was drawn to horses. Horses were the ultimate friend, teaching so much with their reflective energy, generously giving of themselves with their forgiving nature, lending their wings, and opening the door to be a better human with their inspiration. Horses are not only a partner in sport, but a loyal friend, and have the power to heal the heart. Battling with insecurities of never feeling like I really fit in, not being smart enough, not pretty enough, not athletic enough; the horses provided the ultimate healing and inspiration in life.

My first horse experiences came from being a side walker at a Therapeutic riding center until I could convince my parents for my own riding lessons. I witnessed the magic of horses first hand and my horsemanship journey has brought me full circle, as I am now able to train therapeutic volunteers to have success and harmony with horses. I always desired to have a program where I could help other young adults who needed the same life lessons and healing from horses.

I had always supported rescue but I was finally able to rescue a horse of my own 10 years ago, Panda. When I brought her home, she had been injured, sick, fearful, and mistrusting from her multiple auction experiences, with good reason. The process of transforming an animal with the foundation of kindness and trust-building was enlightening. It fueled my passion further, redefining my vision. Panda had many challenges in personality, training, and PTSD that propelled me down the path of natural horsemanship and confidence building training. I had to grow and hungrily seek answers to help her become whole and trusting.

Over time, I rescued several other horses, and was able to help in the training and ultimate adoption of others. “Kill Pen to Cavalry” was born, where a slaughter-bound horse could make the ultimate rescue transformation to a police horse and community ambassador. My self-doubt as a goofy uncoordinated kid shaped my future because I wanted to prove that “what has been thrown away by my fellow man, can achieve greatness.” It applies to humans, too: if we judge each other less and support more, if we root for the underdog, if we take the time to encourage those who need someone to believe in them, and never discount someone’s abilities and future potential because they have a challenging start in life, we become better people. These horse-taught lessons – what a gift!